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Language Courses in London
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Ten Reasons to learn a language with Unique

If we had to offer you a few tips on how to succeed on a Unique Languages course, we would suggest that you do not be passive, seek to talk as much as possible, communicate and be unafraid to ask your tutor questions.  Make the most of your course with us.  We put a lot of work into making it a success and you should to.


1. Every lesson is personalised to your needs.

You have invested in language classes and you have chosen us, so we will give you everything to help you succeed.  You have to do the same though - speak often and speak well.


2. Wide network of language trainers

Unique has access to one of the largest networks of world-class language trainers in the UK.  Our trainers have been chosen for their experience, passion and ability and are regularly assessed.  


3. The best language instructors

Our trainers have been chosen for their experience of the world, of business and of the subjects that they coach you in.  They endure a rigorous interview process before they can work for Unique.  .


4. Our clients know about quality

If you look at our list of clients, you will see some of the most respected organisations in the world.  These organisations are synonymous with quality and are very demanding.  That is why they choose Unique.


5. Support staff

Just as our network of language instructors is world-class, so are our support staff.  They support both our trainers and you to ensure that your course progresses beyond your expectations.


6. Representatives across the world

With representatives across the world; including Spain, the US, Japan and the Nordic countries we will be able to help you should you wish to learn a language overseas.  


7. Innovation

We are Unique by name and nature.  We innovate constantly in the area of language teaching.  Intensive Language students at our office in Wimbledon can use the latest equipment and gadgets to aid their language learning.  


8. Needs Analysis

Unique organises a needs analysis before your course begins to ensure that all parties understand what is expected from your personalised language course.  


9. Regular updates

You will be provided with regular updates on your progress and as you request.


10. Wide choice of courses

We have a wide choice of language courses and specialist courses.  



Unique LT runs language training courses in a myriad of foreign languages as well as Business English, Medical English and English for Law.  For further information, please contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  

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