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Learning Hungarian:  Five reasons why you should learn Hungarian

With learning Hungarian, It might not be the first language that you think of, but Unique's dedicated school of Hungarian runs some of our most popular and respected language courses.  We have an excellent team of Hungarian language teachers who have worked for many businesses across London and who have taught learners of all levels of Hungarian.


Hungary itself is a magical destination to live in or to stay for a holiday.  To our mind, Budapest is one of Europe's most charming cities.  Here, in no particular order, is our top five reasons to learn Hungarian (ideally with Unique LT).


1. Logic

It has been described by one or two of our students as extremely logical.  It is almost entirely phonetic (unlike English) and there are basically only three tenses:  past, present and future. This is far easier than having to learn past perfect, future simple and the myriad of other tenses that might exist in any language.


2. Vocabulary

Every language borrows words from other languages, so if you think realistically we can all communicate in tens of languages already.  Naturally, Hungarian borrows from English and English has borrowed from Magyar.  Coach (as in transport vehicle) is of Hungarian origin; as is biro, which is named after the inventor of the ballpoint pen, Laszlo Biro.


3. The Challenge

Imagine the scenario:  You are at a party when somebody asks everybody which languages they speak.  One guest says French, one says German, another says he doesn't speak any language.  Then it is your turn and with a proud smile, you humbly say "Hungarian".  You are the toast of the party, with numerous social and business offers.


4. It is a great country

In learning Hungarian, remember that you do not have to speak the whole language fluently.  Just a few hours of lessons should at least give you a good grounding.  The sad fact is that Hungarians are not known for learning English as well as you could be learning Hungarian, so as you walk around Budapest you can converse easily with the natives without awkwardness.


5. Become a Hungarian citizen

The path to becoming a Hungarian citizen is fairly straightforward, and many of our students choose to learn the language with us in order to take the citizenship test.  



If you wish to choose Unique Language training for your Hungarian course, please contact us via e-mail, by telephoning 020 3566 0145 or by filling out the form on this screen.  



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