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Language Courses in London
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Arabic Language Courses in London

Private Arabic Tuition - Business Arabic Courses

Unique Language Training offers courses in Arabic, both for individual language learners as well as businesses that need professionally organised language courses from a language course provider with over ten years of experience teaching Arabic to people from across the world.  We offer a variety of courses for mature and motivated learners who need relevant and tailored lessons.


Why Learn Arabic?

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world and remains the first language of 25 countries.  It is extremely useful if you are studying the Qu'ran or wish to understand Islam better.  It will also be of great help to business people and diplomats involved in the Arab world and travellers travelling to the Middle East.


Modern Standard Arabic

MSA is the language of the media and Arabic literature.  It is used in written Arabic and in most formal speech.  If you have ever watched Al Jazeera, this is the language that you will most often hear.  


Colloquial Arabic

Arabic is separated into three main dialects:  Levantine, Egyptian and Gulf Arabic.  They are spoken in different regions but if you are able to understand one, you will be able to understand them all.


Intensive Arabic Courses

An Intensive Arabic course is the ideal solution for learners who do not have much time or wish to immerse themselves in the language.


Intensives are usually one-to-one to maximise your learning, but if you wish to learn with a friend or a small group then we will be able to arrange this.


One to One Private Arabic

One to One Classes are usually over 90 minutes in length and you can choose to learn at your convenience.


We encourage you to make sure that your classes are regular to ensure that you keep your Arabic level up.  Lessons can be taken at any time and at any location of your choice, including our offices in Wimbledon.


Group Arabic Classes

Many businesses find that group language lessons are a superb way of adding additional value to the company.   An educated workforce is a motivated workforce.  



Would you like to learn Arabic in London or on-line with us?  Please telephone 020 3566 0145 for further information.  Alternatively, you can e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  



020 3566 0145

[email protected]

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