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How to be British

"Not to worry." -  "I will never forget this."


"Bit wet out there." - "You're going to need a snorkel because it's absolutely chucking it down."


"Not too bad, actually." -  "Probably the happiest I've ever been."


"With all due respect." - "You have no idea what you are talking about."


"I'm just popping out for lunch, anyone what anything?" - "I'm getting my own lunch now, please stay silent."


"No, no, it was my fault." - "It was definitely your fault and we both know it."


"I would suggest..." -  "You should do it."


"That is very interesting." -  "That is absolute nonsense."


"That is a very brave proposal." - "You are borderline insane."


A few of our own:-


"I look forward to doing it..." - "This is the last thing that I need in my life right now."


"How lovely to see you!" - "I thought you were in prison."


If you have your own suggestions, get in touch and we will print them on here or on our Twitter account.


For courses in How to be British and British cultural training, contact us by e-mail, with the form on this screen or by telephoning 020 3566 0145.  








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One of our ESL tutors sent us an extremely funny graphic suggesting that the British can be a little two-faced.  Two-faced means that somebody says one thing but means something else entirely.  As the office is majority British, we can testify that there is some truth in this assertion but there are good reasons behind it.  British people simply do not like to offend, and so this is why we say what we say.  It is also the reason why we seem to like people like Simon Cowell so much - they are unafraid to be direct.


I asked around the office and some of our EFL tutors and foreign language tutors for their take on these sayings.  Our favourites are listed below.  What we say is on the right and what me mean is on the left.