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Business English Trainer publishes new book

The new book Business English Skills for Professionals is available in paperback and as an ebook and has been described as having an immediate impact on anybody who reads it.

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A new book written to help managers and entrepreneurs to gain a deeper understanding of Business English has been published. It was written by Unique LT's Mike Davies, who has worked with the London-based School of English for over six years.

“I wrote this book because it needed to be written. Up until today, there was a lack of books on the market that actually explain Business English in a clear and effective way.” Davies told Unique Language Training at the launch of the book. “I wanted to write something that could be read quickly and would have a lasting impact on the reader.”

The book is a neatly packaged guide into how one can incorporate idioms into your conversational and written English. It is also looks at important areas of communication such as presentations, networking and how to handle 'small talk'.

The book is Mike's third book. His first two books on Legal English have attracted rave reviews and have sold very well in an extremely competitive market.

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Business English Skills for Professionals (ebook)

Business English Skills for Professionals (paperback)