Intensive Business English Courses in London

Do you need to improve your Business English language skills? All over the UK, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs working for all types of organisations have gained by taking part in Unique's Business English Language Courses. Learn more by filling out the form below.

Intensive Business English Course

Business and Professional English Courses

Learn English for Work with a private tutor from the leading School of Business English in London and Online.

If you require Business English language training for your professional life or career, and wish to study with highly motivated professional teachers, Unique Language Training is the industry leader. All of our business courses in London, online and throughout the world are intensive, educational, dynamic, practical and skills-based. 

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Business English Trainers in London

Our trainers are a highly experienced team of superb language teachers - and they know that no two companies are everthe same. Unique's courses are flexible enough to reflect the needs of the students involved.

Whatever your language or experience level, Unique's aim is to provide you with the skills and confidence to use Business English immediately, confidently and with a high degree of fluency in a wide variety of business contexts.

All of our Business English courses meet the language training requirements of global corporations with international workforces operating under the lingua franca of English.

Business English Residential Courses in London<br/>

● Courses are prepared in a bespoke manner to meet client’s individual training needs

● Needs Analysis is carried out before the course commences to assess your language weaknesses and requirements

● Detailed Feedback is continuous to during the training programme and upon successful conclusion of the course

● Various courses subjects available: Report Writing, Presentations, Meetings & Negotiations, Telephoning

One-to-One Business English courses are ideal for motivated professionals who need to improve their English skills in the most time efficient way during a short stay in London. Unique's intensive private tuition programmes in London gives business clients the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in Business English, practising speaking and listening over long periods to native speakers and substantially improving business communication skills.

Detailed pre-course needs analysis and language assessment

● Course content is personalised taking into consideration the specific needs associated with the client's profession

● Course objectives are then agreed between the client and the Director of Studies at the start of the course

● All one-to-one business English courses run for a minimum of one week.

Choose the amount of lesson hours per week from 5 to 50.

"Highly qualified and experienced Business English teachers. The courses are of incredible value to professionals. When you consider all the time and travel money you invest to learn in London, paying just a bit more to get the right teacher and improve your English faster makes sense!"

Yuichi - Individual Business English Training Course (London)