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Language Courses in London
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Business English Listening Skills Training Course

Improve your Business English listening skills with a short course in this vital area of the language.  In this one-to-one course, you will be exposed to various English-speaking voices and be taught about the various sounds you will hear throughout the United Kingdom.  You will hear complex business vocabulary and you will learn to understand the language used by business people at offices throughout London and the UK.


Private Business English Tuition

Our focus is on private language tuition.  To understand a language, you have to spend time with a native speaker and you have to listen to it and speak it as much as possible.  It always surprises us that while so many people do not like learning in a school, they choose to go back to a language school to try and learn English.  


We offer affordable bespoke Business English tuition that delivers effective results quickly.  We know this because we have seen the progress in our students.  We understand that if you invest time, effort and money with us then we have to give you every effort.  


You Choose, You Decide

We have an above-average team of Business English tutors whose primary aim is to help you achieve fluency in your listening skills.  This makes so much of a difference when you have a tutor who is committed to the same goals as you - somebody who understands your skills and language requirements.  


The Unique School of English runs bespoke classes in English listening and English pronunciation.  For further information, please telephone 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill out the form on this page.  



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