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Language Courses in London
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Business and Professional English Training Courses in London

The London School of Business English Language Training powered by Unique is here to help you to improve your business language skills.  By combining enthusiastic and passionate Business English tutors with world-class training courses tailored to your skills and needs, you can learn with us in London - the centre of international business and commerce.  Our corporate clients include Google, Apple, Nexen Energy, Jones Lang LaSalle, McDonalds, Atlantica Yield, Santander Bank, Bloomsbury Law, Deltatre Media and Cisco Systems to name just a few.


As a student with Unique, you will develop an understanding of the business world in English-speaking countries with the aid of specially-designed case studies that take a deep dive into the operations of top organisations and the mindsets of entrepreneurs.  You will learn the grammar, expressions, idioms and vocabulary that help you to communicate fluidly and fluently in Business English.   You will develop the skills necessary to perform effectively in meetings, deliver superb presentations in your second language and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.  There is no other course like this in the world for attention to detail and the work put in by our tutors.


Business English Course Content

Business English is a specialist area of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) training that is targeted specifically at the needs of businessmen and businesswomen.  Unique Language Training's classes are tailored to the skill-level and requirements of our students.   Previous classes have explored:-

  • The negotiation of contracts

  • Writing business letters and e-mails

  • Idioms in Business English

  • Delivering effective presentations

  • Talking to clients and colleagues

  • Networking


On-line Business English Course

Any online Business English course should be tailored to your skills and needs.  Unique has the only group of Business English teachers to deliver customised courses specifically designed for you, so there is no wasted time and no wasted money.  We know that you are investing a lot of effort with us and we don't want to give you the same as everybody else.  We need to give you more.  


Contact us using the form on your right, call 020 3566 0145 or e-mail us for more information about Business English Courses in the UK.  


Business English Trainer and Lead English Language Trainer Mike Davies takes a look at Business English Courses and how Unique can help you to learn this vital area of the English language.

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