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Language Courses in London
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London Business English Training:  Writing Skills Course

Business language teachers from Unique Language Training have worked with professionals from businesses across the world including Cisco Systems, BNP Paribas, Reed Business Services and JP Morgan to help them improve their English writing skills.  This course is a specialised programme that allows you to develop your soft skills in writing in the nuanced language of business English.


Unique LT's Business English writing course allows particpants to gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate on the page with the best group of Business English tutors in London.   You can also choose a specific area or specific areas upon which to focus; whether it is writing reports, e-mail composition, composition of legal documents, letter writing, cover letter writing or any other aspects of written comminication.


Focused Learning Programme

The distinct advantage of any language course run from Unique's School of Business English is that each lesson is unique.  Our tutors will not waste your valuable time or money with irrelevant work.  We focus completely on what you need, whether it is through an intensive course or an extensive course.


Your tutor will utilise case studies, business english writing exercises, real-world examples and in-house material to demonstrate how to write effectively in Business English.  Our specialist trainers will lead you in how to write in formal and natural English as well as guiding you to greater clarity and fluency in your writing.  



Would you like to improve your writing skills in Business English?  Contact Unique Language Training on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  



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