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Language Courses in London
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Intensive English Language Coaching:  Choosing the right course

Unique has been providing one to one intensive English courses to motivated English as a second language learners since 2000.  We have built a strong reputation for being able to identify those areas that our learners need to work on and then, through a combination of academic and organic learning, helping our learners to achieve their English learning goals.


English Immersion Training

There is no finer way to improve your English skills than a dedicated course where the focus is entirely on you.  You have your own personal language trainer who is dedicated to ensuring that your English skills improve well over the length of your course.


In choosing a language training provider, ensure that they provide flexible courses in terms of time and budget.  Our courses start at 12 hours, which is the perfect amount of time to learn more about yourself and your chosen language.


The best EFL Teachers

Make sure that your provider uses English language trainers of the highest quality.  You will need a trainer with great experience and who can communicate well and who helps you to communicate.  We have the finest language trainers in the UK working for us, and our current students feel the same way.


Make sure that your language trainer also has other interests.  We will look at your language needs when we talk with you and you will be allocated a trainer who has similar interests.  In Business English, we use trainers who have worked for some of the largest organisations in the world and who maintain an interest in the business world. Our trainers study business and finance to ensure that they are up to date in that field.  We have the same standards for our Legal English trainers as well as for our Medical English instructors and in other areas of the English language.


Tailored classes from the world's best language teachers

Unique uses the best English instructors and we tailor our courses to your needs.  We are flexible with budget and we can work within your time constraints.  This is why we are one of the UK's leading language training providers and we are proud of that fact.



To talk with Unique's staff about how we can help you to become fluent in English, please contact 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  

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