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What are the biggest concerns of English (EFL) Learners?  

With English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses becoming increasing popular here in London, we decided to take a look at the major concerns of our students.  We asked a wide range of Unique's English language learners and tutors to articulate their concerns when learning English and here is what we found out:



This particular tense is always a concern for students of English of all levels.  We encourage our English language teachers to spend time on this tense during the early part of the course and to return to it several times during later lessons for reenforcement.  We have found that this method works well to iron out any problems.  



Between trying to adopt a more British accent or not knowing how to pronounce specific words, pronunciation of the language is regularly cited by learners as being a vital part of any English course.  We ensure that all our English language trainers include pronunciation practice within each course.  



Our Spanish and French learners of English are particularly keen to develop their knowledge of phrasal verbs.  Our native speaker EFL trainers take different approaches to the teaching of phrasal verbs.  Ask your personal English teacher for a lesson on this vital subject or to make it part of your regular learning routine.  



The frequency of this issue did surprise us a lot.  During some of our lessons, learners are required to think "on the hop" through role playing scenarios that they might not be familiar with.  This pushes our learners to think on their feet and develop skills for dealing with unfamiliar situations.  While not all learners are comfortable with this, we believe that this natural communicative method is great for students.  



We have met with our English teaching staff to relay the results of the survey to them and we will be ensuring that they use all their skills and talents to ensure that our learners' concerns are addressed in greater detail than they have been.


For further information on how Unique is able to personalise our lessons to the needs of our English learners, drop us a line using the contact form on this screen or telephone us on 020 3566 0145.  You can also e-mail us at [email protected].  

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