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Language Courses in London
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In-company and Corporate Language Training

Business Language Training Courses from Unique Language Training Solutions

Why choose Unique Language Training?

We understand that you need employees who are able  to communicate fluently and confidently in a second language.  From day one, we will be there to support you and your employees.  Our language courses are challenging, effective and relevant.  The content and pace will be decided between the teacher and learner(s) and the rewards will be immense and transparent.


We have extensive experience of working with language learners to master their chosen language.  We have worked with learners from all backgrounds and cultures and we respect those differences.  Our trainers can accommodate a variety of different learning styles and techniques and their priority will be to increase the language proficiency of your staff.  


What are the next steps?

We will ask you what you are expecting from us:  Are you looking for one-to-one tuition or group classes?  How many learners are there likely to be?  What are their levels?  Would you like a course focused on the work of your organisation or would you prefer general classes that cover various aspects of the language?  What are you expecting from the classes?  How much feedback would you like from the course tutor? Which language courses would you like us to run for you?


We will then test the learners to get a general idea of their language level.  We will also try to understand what they and you expect from the course.  From the first day, we will be working hard to ensure that the targets of the course are kept and that quality is maintained.  


The best Business Language Teachers

Our trainers will work with you to ensure that your language goals are top priority.  The emphasis is on personalised, tailored language training that allows students to immerse themselves fully in their chosen language.  Click on the links for further details on our English courses for Businesses and our Foreign Language Courses for Businesses.  


Contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page for more on our Business Language Training Courses.  



"Thank you to Unique Language Training for your great work.  You have helped my English language skills come on leaps and bounds."

Gianluca Fusco

Barclays Bank PLC



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We are the language training partner of choice for a broad range of corporate clients who entrust us to deliver effective and valuable language courses; including the National Health Service, Cisco Systems, Abengoa, Atlantica Yield, Deltatre Media, Bloomsbury Law, Santander Bank and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.  


Unique Language Training has the experience, drive  and reputation to deliver the best in cost-effective and highly personalised language training to your employees.

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