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Language Courses in London
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Corporate Language Training:  A Guide

London houses a multitide of corporations, and within those companies you will find workforces of differing nationalities, many of whom speak multiple languages or who are learning to do so.  


One-to-One Language Training

The days of learning languages in big group classes now belongs in the past, with language students increasingly wanting more from their language education than being taught by a poorly paid teacher who is doing this job until something better comes along.  


Corporations have accepted that putting new arrivals into language schools is neither productive nor valuable, and are increasingly turning to organisations such as Unique Language Training to design courses that are customised to the needs of the student and/or the organisation.


With so many language course providers out there, what should you be looking for when choosing a language training partner?


1.  Pre-course preparation

We need to know as much as possible about the students involved.  Sometimes, this will mean taking a test to determine the learner's level.  It will also mean talking with one of our staff members to determine what is expected from the course.


2.  Course Design

Our trainers can then design the course using all the information gathered during the preliminary meeting.  We will also investigate the style of tuition and the course format to aid the learning process.


3.  Training Methodology

Our main goal is that our students emerge from each lesson having gained significant knowledge, fluency and confidence from their time with their tutor.  One-to-one lessons are taken face to face and should be highly productive with a strong emphasis on oral communication and on developing language skills, be that a specific area of grammar or in a particular skill, i.e. delivering a presentation.


4.  Assessment

We regularly assess the student's language skills and overall happiness with the way their lessons are progressing.  Should there be any issues, we can easily spot them and resolve them.  


5.  Client Management

We understand that in the busy world of commerce, flexibility in your training courses is vital.  You will have a manager who will specifically look after your needs and who understands your course(s) completely.  Our office is open seven days a week and we can resolve issues quickly and forthrightly.



For further information on how your organisation can benefit from language training, please contact 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  










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