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Language Courses in London
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Danish Language Courses in London

Learn Danish in London with the best tutors in this incredible language.  Unique Language Training designs and runs classes for individual learners on a one-to-one and small group basis, as well as Business Danish courses for organisations across the British capital.


Why learn Danish?

Most students coming to us to learn Danish and have done so because of a Danish partner, for family reasons or for business purposes.  Whatever the reason for learning Danish, your classes will focus specifically on the language that you need.  


Danish is a North Germanic language spoken by six million people, most of whom unsurprisingly live in the great nation of Denmark.  The language is also one of the official languages of The Faroe Islands and is taught in schools in Greeland and Iceland.


Danish has become more popular in the United Kingdom thanks to TV shows such as Borgen and The Killing/Forbrydelsen.   The world's best restaurant Noma is located in Copenhagen, although some of the staff there speak English so you won't have to learn Danish to order your dinner!


Private Danish Language Classes

For the best in individual language training, choose Unique for a truly tailor-made course.  We have been working with language learners for over ten years and have helped thousands of students to communicate more confidently, fluently and effectively in their new language.  With great teachers and relevant classes using the best source material, you know that you should make your learning Unique.



Would you like to learn Danish in London with us.  We also run on-line courses and you can take the lessons in some parts of the United Kingdom.  For further information, please telephone 020 3566 0145, via e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  








Danish language courses in London

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