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Business English Training:  Delivering effective presentations

Unique Language Training offers full courses in Delivering Presentations for non-English speakers or you can choose to take a few lessons as part of a Business English course.  We recommend these lessons as a great way to build your confidence and skills in presentation delivery and we have many happy learners who have gained from the course.


People regularly ask us for tips on delivering presentations, so here are our trainers' top five:-


1. Structure your talk into mini-stories

Politicians frequently gain plaudits (praise) for their performance when they speak without notes.  One British politician delivered a fifty-minute speech without notes or a teleprompter.   He memorised the speech as a series of short speeches, which is a great way to remember it and to show continued passion.  


2. Do not lean away from the audience

You need to engage with the audience, and leaning forward will enable you to physically do this.  It might initially seem intimidating, so breathe deeply to calm yourself beforehand.  


3. Powerpoint is your friend, but don't keep it too close

Your powerpoint slides should be created after your speech.  Do not rely on them too heavily as so will your audience.  Be weary of handouts as well as your audience might read these rather than listen to you.  If possible, give handouts to delegates after the lesson.  


4. Watch your body language

The types of gestures that you can use during a speech are too plentiful to go through here, but remember that a strong gesture can resonate with your audience.  Your tutor will also be able to help you with tips on gestures and overall body language.


5. Use patterns and repetition

Another common political speechmaking device is the use of repetition to hammer home your message.  Repeating the same vowel sounds or the same consonant sounds also helps to make speeches resonate.  A lot of statesmen also tend to repeat the same words:  "I have a dream" being a great example.



To learn Business English with one of the UK's leading schools of Business English, please e-mail us, telephone us on 020 3566 0145 or contact us using the form on this page.  




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