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Executive English Language Course in London

Unique English Language Training offers one-to-one Business English language programmes to executives, entrepreneurs and professionals of all levels of English who are seeking to compete in the global market with the world's language – English. Through client-focused interactive language training, participants learn to communicate and lead effectively in Executive English.

Executive English Courses

Learn with expert Business English Teachers in London

Unique's One-to-One Executive English language course is designed for business professionals who use English for business, are already at B2 level or higher in their knowledge of English, and need to improve their confidence and fluency at Business English. The programme seeks to boost your understanding of the language of negotiating, interviews, attending meetings and many other aspects of the world of business. Classes may be taken in London, online through Skype or a similar medium, or they can be done in-company.

Corporate Language Training Programmes for Organisations large and small

Core Course Components include Business English training for:

  • Delivering Powerful and Effective Presentations: Success in the business world means knowing how to deliver clear, confident and effective presentations.  In our tailor-made programmes, you learn how to improve your presentational skills based on the needs of your audience.
  • Meetings and Discussions: Learners often come to us frustrated that they lack the mastery of English to influence discussions in meetings and convince colleagues of their vision.  Our expert Business English teachers will change that and improve your confidence.
  • Business English Writing Skills  In our world of email and social media, business – from the initial contact to clinching the deal – is often conducted online. How much time do you waste each day translating from your native language to answer or send important emails in English? Acquire the confidence and fluency to write effectively in Business English.
  • Successful Negotiations: Whether you are negotiating for a new job role or finalising a corporate merger, negotiations run all through business, and London Language Training will show you how to negotiate with aplomb.
  • Communicating Across Cultures In discussions, negotiations and even enjoying drinks in the pub, navigating across cultural differences must be on your business radar.
  • English Language Focus: We review English grammar basics for all participants on the course: verb tenses, prepositions, modal verbs, advanced vocabulary, conditional “if”, active and passive voice and many other areas of Business English.

Training can be one-on-one at a location of your choice, online or at our headquarters in London.

Our Business English courses are dynamic and short, to enable businesspeople to squeeze them into their busy working lives – from one day to four weeks, depending on how much time you have available, although longer courses are also possible on request.

Key facts

  • Designed for business professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who need to enhance their English communication skills
  • Courses built around the needs of the individual learner, their industry and the organisation that they work for
  • Range of study options available; including online training and enhanced self-study
  • Specialist business areas including legal, HR, finance and aviation are covered by request

Executive English Course Objectives

The primary aim of this language course is to add value to the communication skills of top business professionals. We will develop your understanding and use of English within an international business context, enabling you to perform at a significantly higher level and with greater confidence in your speaking and writing skills.

Course Details

The course covers a wide range of business topics and vocabulary in context, focusing on key professional areas (including management, marketing and finance) and includes work on:

  • presentations: how to deliver highly effective presentations
  • negotiating skills: how to negotiate
  • interviews: how to ask questions and how to answer them
  • emails and how to write them well
  • telephone skills
  • business socialising and networking with your peers

There will be other options for students aside from learning with our Business English trainers. You can attend networking events with a tutor, take guided self-study sessions or take part in cultural activities in Central London that connect you to the world of business and finance.

Course Materials

The course syllabus includes learning material from a variety of professional sources, depending upon the specific interests of the students, but is structured around first-rate and comprehensive course books produced for business professionals by leading academic publishers. All students receive a copy of the book they use, which can also be used for self-study after the course ends.