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Finding love through good English grammar

by Mark Richer

Content Writer, Unique Language Training Solutions


I was on a date with a French woman once and we were talking about potential 'deal-breakers' in a fledgling relationship.  She had a few, but one of her most important was that any man with poor spelling or mediocre grammar was immediately discarded.


Finding love in cities like London, New York or Paris is tough.  There is a lot of competition so everybody is trying to show their best selves, which is where good English can come in.  


Speak English Fluently

“Friends of mine were sending me screenshots of messages they had been sent,” said Cliff Lerner, a 37 year old Entrepreneur based in New York City, explaining how he was inspired to create a dating app that erases poorly written online messages before people even get the chance to read them.


He was horrified by what he saw men (usually) had been sending to women. There were dirty acronyms, love letters lacking commas and full stops and people who simply did not seem to know the difference between “you’re” and “your”, he said.


Mr Lerner created The Grade, which uses an algorithm to grade users on the coherence of their messages. If you fail to make 'the grade', you are thrown off the site.  Mr Lerner believes that people who mistake “their” for “there” while propositioning a prospective partner could be “a major turn-off”.


Jane Watkins, a Londoner who works in HR, tells horror stories of the messages she has received from potential partners. “They have to be able to write in complete sentences or I just move on to the next one,” she said.


Helping our students find love

Tutors from Unique's School of English are regularly engaged by our students to compose messages for dating websites and even text messages.  Gareth Williams, a Unique LT tutor says:  "I talk to the student to determine exactly what they want to say and then we craft a message accordingly.  It is important that it is authentic and from the heart and mind of the learner."



If you would like to speak English with greater fluency and confidence, contact Unique's dedicated London School of English Language on 44 (0)20 3566 0145 or e-mail [email protected].  




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