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Language Courses in London
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Cambridge English:  First (FCE) Exam Preparation Courses in London

Improve your English language with Unique's School of English in London.  The First Certificate exam/Cambridge English: First  (FCE)  is recognised by businesses and academic institutions as conclusive proof that your English level is of upper-intermediate ability.  Some language students prefer to have a tangible goal to aim for and this test is a good benchmark of your English level.


Our qualified and experienced English language trainers have helped thousands of students to succeed in this test.  We can offer knowledge and experience of the tests and their content to ensure that you are fully prepared for it.   A Cambridge: English First Certificate course with us is usually taken one-to-one.  This enables your language instructor to quickly understand what you need from the language course and which language areas to focus on.  Classes may also be taken online via Skype.  


FCE Reading

You will be encouraged to read as many English language materials as possible.  In class, we will look at your reading ability and check your vocabulary level.  Our language instructors will offer tips, hints and regular feedback for reading the exam paper successfully and answering the questions.  


FCE Writing

A lot of the work with this will be done as homework, along with some exercises during lesson time.  Our language instructors will look at your work and point out any areas that need improving as well as looking for any errors that you make consistently.


FCE Use of English

Arguably, this is the most difficult aspect of the Cambridge:  English First exam.  The focus in this part of the exam is on grammar and sentence structure.  Unique recommends that you take a few intensive one-to-one lessons in grammar, coupled with grammar exercises.    


FCE Listening

As with reading, preparation for this test can be done anywhere and at any time.  You will be encouraged to listen as much as you can to the radio, television and the people around you.  During lessons, you will have exercises designed specifically to improve your aural skills.  


FCE Speaking

The only way that this part of Cambridge:  First Certificate can be done is with a native speaker instructor who knows the test and can offer advice and help along the way.  We will simulate the Cambridge:  First speaking test in order to show you how it is done.  Through this way, you will know what to expect from this aspect of the Cambridge:  English First exam.


To find out more about our preparation courses for Cambridge FCE English:  First, call us on 020 3566 0145, skype us at uniquelanguages, fill out the form on this page or e-mail [email protected].  


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