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Language Courses in London
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Football Language

One of our French Language tutors briefly taught Gareth Bale.  He only managed five lessons before giving up.  Let us hope that he decides to stick with Spanish.


There is the incentive of actually living in Spain, of course.  It is very difficult to practise French when you are based in East London, as Bale was at Tottenham.  


Only a few footballers have succeeded in moving overseas and mastering a new language.  Unique looks at who did well and who didn't.



Granted, not a footballer at the time but the manager of several overseas football clubs in Spain, Turkey and Azerbaijahn.  Toshack famously confounded the Spanish media whilst at Real Madrid by directly translating English idioms into Spanish.  Unfortunately, one of the phrases was mistranslated and when he told the press that "pigs might fly" if they thought that he would let the board of directors pick the Madrid team.  The President thought he was calling him a pig and fired him that afternoon.  His Spanish sounds pretty good here though as he talks about his life.


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