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Language Courses in London
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How to learn a language on a budget

While most students who come to Unique Language Training understand that they will have to pay for their lessons, for some people there are budgetary constraints that prevent them from paying for classes.  While nothing can replace the quality of effective personal language teaching, there are some alternatives that can help you to build you skills in a second language.


Learn On-line

Apps already exist to help you learn various different languages and these will also allow you to learn 'on the go', i.e. on public transport or while waiting in line for something.   Finding newspapers and magazines in the language that you are learning will also show you how sentences are formed and introduce you to new vocabulary.  By listening to radio programmes or downloading Spotify songs sung in that language, you are well on you way to immersing yourself in your second language.


Get one-to-one language tuition

If you want to remain motivated and stay learning, you will have to invest in yourself and that means hiring a professional.  Having a private language teacher means that you are both accountable to the learning process and you will have that person's complete focus for the duration of your class.  It is a very wise way to invest.  


Find cheap or free language learning materials

The web is a great way to source language learning material, but you can also find it outside your home.  After all, the most important way to learn a language is to speak it.  Find somebody who will exchange their native language for your native language (also known as a language swap), or hang out in places where you will hear the language constantly like a restaurant or pub.  You can also head to your local library for books and audio materials on the language that you are learning.


Get a friend

Most of the time, people are great.  You can learn so much from them, including about their language and culture.  Make sure you have the friend for the right reasons (not just to ask them questions about the subjunctive) and use each other to build a knowledge of your respective cultures.  


Unique Language Training Solutions runs language training courses on a budget for motivated language learners.  Contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this page to discuss your options.  












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