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Language Courses in London
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French Language Courses in Surrey

Private French Tuition - Business French Courses - French Immersion

Learn French with one of the UK's leading providers of bespoke foreign language courses.  


The Surrey French Course Approach

Unique has been delivering excellent language courses since 2000. We have helped thousands of language learners to develop fluency in French.  


Our way of teaching French is different from what you experienced in school.  We prefer to focus on one-to-one tuition.  The reason for this is because to learn a language you need to speak it as a much as possible and you need to spend time with a native speaker as much as possible.  In a group class, you can get lost and speak just a little.  In a one to one class, you learn faster and you get better.


Where You Wish, When You Wish

Learn French with us and you choose your own time and your own place for each lesson.  You don't have to worry about public transport or sitting next to somebody you don't like, or not liking the teacher.  We do everything for you.  You just need to learn.  


GCSE French Preparation

If you or your child is taking the French GCSE examination, our tutors can also help you to prepare for this with focused lessons that help you in all aspects of the test.  


The benefits of French lessons with Unique


  • a totally flexible range of language training options

  • 'in-company', 'at home' or 'residential' courses

  • 1 - 30 hours per week of language training

  • qualified native speakers with an average of 10 years' teaching experience





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