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Language Courses in London
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General English Training Courses in London

Private English Tuition - One to One English Language Classes

One to One English Language Training Courses

Private English language lessons are ideal if you wish to improve your fluency and accuracy in the language without the distractions of a group class.  This programme allow you to build a rapport with your tutor and work on areas that are relevant to you.  There is no substitute for quality time spent with a native English speaker.  You can take classes at our office in London or at your home or office throughout the UK.  










Home English lessons are now an affordable option for you; or you can learn in your office as well as our Language Training Centre in West Wimbledon. Just fill in the form on this screen or call us at 020 3566 0145, e-mail us at [email protected] or call on us at our office near Raynes Park Railway Station.  













Learn a language in London

Why choose One-to-One English from Unique Languages?


* Make the best use of your valuable time


* Immersion, intensive or flexible courses


* Great teachers with knowledge of the English language, business and other specialist areas such as legal and medical.


* Maximum speaking time and correction of any errors you make.


* Make faster progress with the world's best teachers

Geoffrey works for a major French investment bank in London.  He contacted Unique to help him improve his Business English.  


Here is his story.  

Business English Courses IELTS Preparation Courses FCE Preparation Courses CAE Preparation Courses In-company English Training Why One to One English?

“I'm extremely happy with my teacher. He is very experienced.

He always comes to my home on time and uses not only a textbook but also newspapers as teaching materials.

I'm enjoying taking classes.”

Megumi Uwasawa, Fidelity Investments

One to One Business English Lessons Language School or Private Tuition?

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