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Language Courses in London
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Great Language Learning Apps for students

Nothing beats private language tuition.  The personal contact and the intense focus on the pupil will enable you to progress rapidly and wonderfully well.  However, if you need some complementary help  then a tablet or smartphone app will help you considerably.  As far as we are aware, all these apps are available on all platforms.  



This is a favourite of our language teachers. You pick a course (all separated into handy sections such as finding a job and horoscopes, for example) and first of all you learn words and sentence structure.  You are then given the opportunity to test your knowledge with various exercises.


It's all done in a very easy to use interface and is by far the most handy language training app we have been able to find.


Speak Easy

More of a phrase book than a language trainer, this app is handy when you want to learn basic words and phrases or you are travelling around a foreign country and want to try out a sentence or two.  


The interface is easy to follow and you can easily pick up words  and phrases from this app.  It's a shame that it doesn't include a test feature but as we say, it is more of a phrasebook.


Learn Spanish

Some of our students tried the Spanish language app but we assume that other languages are available.  


This app is pretty basic but useful all the same.  It's split into vocabulary flashcards where a Spanish voice pronounces the words as you see how they are spelt.  Learn Spanish is a basic app but still quite useful, especially for learning vocabulary.  



An app which we haven't used that frequently, but it is very good for learning foreign languages and offers a different way of learning.  It is now the most popular app for learning a new language.  With Duolingo, you are playing a game as you learn.  You gain points for being able to remember words and expressions that you have picked up.  It is addictive and fun, which is what you need when learning over the phone.  



Unique offers on-line language lessons as well as face to face learning.  Just contact us using the form on this page.  You can also e-mail us or telephone 020 3566 0145.  

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