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Language Courses in London
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Learn Greek with the best provider of tailor-made language courses in London.  In a short time with one of our great Greek language tutors, you will be speaking Greek better than you had thought and will have gained more confidence in this fine language.  


Why learn Greek?

It is not an easy language to learn and you will have to spend many hours learning with us as well as with self-study, but it is a rewarding language to learn and if you have an interest in Greece and the culture and history of that great country then a course in Greek is the next obvious step.


Intensive Greek Language Course

Our Intensive language courses take place over several hours a day and are a great way to learn Greek as it means that you immerse yourself totally in the language.  There is no better way to learn than with an excellent native speaker tutor whose time is concentrated wholly on you.


Intensive classes can be arranged in periods of 12 hours or greater and can be taken at our Language Training Centre in Wimbledon or at another location of your choice.  


Extensive One to One Private Tuition

The finest way to learn any language is through dedicated, focused one-to-one teaching with an enthusiastic instructor who knows Greek and can impart their knowledge to you with passion, ability and finesse.


Extensive Language Classes are a common way to learn a foreign language:  You simply take one or two lessons per week at your convenience.  In the periods between lessons, you have the option of homework to aid your study.  


On Day One, you will meet with your instructor and discuss with them your requirements from the course.  Your Greek language instructor will talk through your options with you and together you will determine the way ahead.  


Course Content

Each course varies depending on your particular language training needs.  Here are some areas that can be covered during your Greek class:-

Spoken fluency

Listening skills

Pronunciation and accent

Reading skills

Communication skills, telephone communication and email in Greek

Industry or business specific terminology

Presentation & negotiation skills


For more on private Greek language tuition, contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  


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Greek Language Courses in London

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