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Language Skills:  Language School or Private Tuition?

We are big proponents (supporters) of one-to-one language lessons here at Unique Language Training Solutions, but still quite a few students prefer to study languages in groups.  Let's take a look at the reasons why we believe that private language tuition is the only real option.



One-to-one tuition is going to cost slightly more than a group class, of course.  What you have to think about is the other costs that you are probably not factoring in.  


If there are twenty people in a class, you will only get to speak for (at most) 5% of the time.  Even if there are four or five people in a class, you will only be speaking for a maximum of 20% of the time.  We have spoken to EFL teachers about this, and their big concern is for students not having enough speaking time in the class.


If you add in the amount of time it takes to travel to your school, and the chances that you will miss classes for a variety of reasons then one-to-one tuition actually becomes great value for money.  



This links significantly to cost.  With Unique Languages, your private tutor can travel to you so already you are saving valuable time.  Imagine what you can do in the extra hour or two where you are not travelling to the language school that you attend.  


Tutors are only Human

Have a conversation with one person, ask them questions and listen to them.  Try it again with a group of people.  Of course, you will remember the one person far more than you will a big group of people,  That is why you should get a private tutor.  This is your personal coach on the long journey towards linguistic fluency and accuracy.  


Focus on You

Do you need to prepare for a job interview or have somebody check your CV for errors?  Are you about to deliver a crucial presentation or write an important report?  During a private class, you and your teacher can both take the time to cover the issues that matter to you.  Your tutor will offer feedback and offer constructive advice that is almost impossible in a group class.


School Time

It often amazes us when we hear students complaining about how they were so bad at learning languages when they were kids because language education in school was so bad, then they come to London and sign up for a language school, which does exactly the same thing!!!  



Would you like to take private language classes with Unique Language Training?  Please contact us on 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  















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