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Improve your Business English 

One of the best ways to improve on your Business English skills when away from the training room is through reading as much material as possible.  Blogs have been around for a while now.  They are journals placed on the internet by interested (and usually interesting) people as well as corporations.  


The range of free material available in this form means that this is something that any student of Business English should be seeking out, reading and absorbing on a regular basis.  



Perhaps inevitably, the best corporate blogs tend to come from the tech industry.  However, many "old-style" companies are looking to enhance their web and social media presence by coming up with blogs that go further than just printing out old press releases.  Here are a few of our favourites:-


General Electric

GE is a business which is over 100 years old, yet they have been quick to embrace blogs and social media.  If you take a look at the link, you will see an incredible array of information that goes far beyond what one might normally expect from a business that is as traditional as GE.  It has great instagram and twitter accounts as well.


Southwest Airlines

This is another example of a fine blog which updates regularly with handy travel tips and staff gossip.  If you compare it with British airlines, you will see an incredible difference, either because they do not bother with blogs at all or the last post was from 2012!


Marriott Hotels

We have worked with Marriott in the past, so we have to confess to an interest here.  Their blog is excellent and is currently written (probably dictated) by the chairman of the organisation, Bill Marriott.  It is full of personal and professional articles and some great business advice.



These blogs tend to be maintained by Business English teachers and have proved useful to our own instructors.


The Business English Blog

While posts are sporadic on this blog, when the writer does put something on there it is of considerable value.  Sometimes quality is better than quantity, and that is true in this case.  


Legal English Blog

Admittedly, this is run by our sister company Legal English Courses UK, but it is a very useful tool for students of Legal English and I know that the staff there are working hard to maintain the posts.  


Presentation Zen

This is another blog that focuses on a particular area of the corporate world:  Presentations.  It is neatly designed and offers a lot of help to people who wish to improve their presentation skills.  



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By Senior Business English Teacher Mike Davies