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Language Courses in London
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Learn a language your way with the best language teachers

Our team of world-class language tutors are here to help our students to learn in an engaging and productive way.  We offer courses in a range of foreign languages, as well as specialist courses in English and Business English.


Unique Language Training began in Japan in the year 2001.  A team of language tutors took a break from their language school to start teaching English to employees in a range of multinational corporations; including Toyota, Nissan and Citibank.  Our focus on private language tuition with structured and relevant classes were a huge success in the country and we decided to replicate this success in the UK.  Since then, we have established ourselves as one of the best providers of tailored language courses.  You can read about one of our success stories here.  


One-to-One Language Training

Expanding our range of language courses to include foreign languages as well as Business English, Medical English and Legal English, Unique's mission is clear:  To remodel the oudated model of language training and to help organisations to thrive and individual language learners to communicate confidently and fluently in their second language.  


The language courses we offer are Unique in many ways.  We tend to work with our clients one-to-one; or at the very least in small groups.  You learn a language through immersing yourself in it.  You learn a new language by being with an experienced language teacher who is an eloquent speaker in that language and who is enthusiastic and passionate about their teaching.  You learn a new language by not being distracted by ten other non-native speakers.  


The focus is always on you

At Unique Languages, we realise that you matter.  We focus on you, your skills and your needs.  Our great language teachers do not just ask you to open page four of a course book and start again from where you left off last time.  We look at what you need and we focus on that.  It is a new form of language education and it means that you should learn far faster than you would in a large group.  You will also also save money and time in the long-term.  


Invest your time and money wisely and make your language learning Unique.  


If you would like to learn a new language with us, please telephone 020 3573 0182, e-mail us or fill in the form on this screen.  






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