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Language Courses in London
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Intensive Medical English Courses in London

The London School of Medical English from Unique Language Training Solutions allows doctors and nurses to devote a week or two to studying English for Medical Professionals with our award-winning group of expert language teachers.  We can also help doctors, nurses and other medical staff to prepare for the IELTS examination.    


Customised Language Course

Join Unique specialist tutors for this bespoke language course in English for Medicine that will show you how to speak with patients and colleagues and will give you the vocabulary, grammar, expressions and understanding necessary to understand English in this highly specific area.  


These courses are aimed at non-native speakers of English who are looking to work in healthcare in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries.


Each course is tailored specifically to your needs.  We will meet you first to discuss your requirements and then will work with you to design a programme specifically to work on your weak areas.



Fill in the form on the right of this screen for further information, or e-mail us here.  






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