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Language Courses in London
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Thinking of learning a foreign language?  Understand your goals.  

When you take a language course, you are investing both valuable time and money into learning.  We suggest that you ask yourself these questions to determine why you are studying and what you hope to gain.  


Why are you learning the language?

(e.g. purely for a hobby, to take a test, to give presentations, for a holiday, to chair meetings)


How are you going to communicate in this language?

(e.g. writing business letters and e-mails, speaking face to face or via the telephone)


Who are you going to communicate with?

(e.g. friends and acquaintances, colleagues, clients)


When are you going to be communicating in their new language?

(e.g socially, in the workplace, in university)


What will you be communicating about?

(e.g. social interaction, small talk, business communication, HR issues)


Once your instructor has answers to these questions, a course can be designed with your specific goals in mind.


Lesson Style

All our language instructors are chosen for their ability to coach language learners to new levels of confidence and ability in their target language.  We encourage our tutors to adopt a fairly informal style, but obviously the needs of the learner are paramount and in instances where a more formal tone is needed then they can easily adapt to that.  The onus is on a communicative style using role-plays as well as the various other tools that our language trainers have at their disposal.  


We believe that languages are mastered by doing - by speaking, by listening, by writing and by reading.  The learner is immersed fully in the language through the use of course materials, simulated role play scenarios, real life immersion in the language and other methods.  


This style is not academic.  It is practical.  It is how you learned your mother language.  You learned your first language by immersing yourself in it.  We attempt to replicate this in our language classes.


To learn a language with us, please contact 020 3566 0145.  You can also e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  


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