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Why you should never learn a foreign language

Language schools bombard people with the reasons why they should learn this language or that language, but we like to do things differently here at Unique.  In this article, we look at the reasons why you should definitely not try and learn a language with a private tutor.


5.   You need to hide

You can hide in a group lesson.  There are ten or 15 students of vastly different levels in the same room and one or two will dominate whilst some might listen whilst some will be distracted and will only have to say a couple of sentences in each lesson.  


4.  It is not Urgent

You have all the time in the world to learn your new language, right?  So, you will take it at a leisurely pace.  It took five years in high school to learn basic French, so five or more years of this will see you understand Russian a little bit more.


3.  Language Tuition is a cost, not an investment

Education in any form should never be considered to be a cost, but rather an investment.  It is an investment in your career and your personal life.  It is an investment in your ability to communicate with a wider circle of people.  Your Return on Investment will be incalculable.


2.  Results are not so important to you

Get into a group class and you can easily lose your way, your motivation and your objectives.  How can your language teacher focus on you when there are so many other people in the group?  You can join a language school to learn if you do not mind about the results.  With one-to-one tuition, the focus is always going to be on improving your language skills and in making sure that you achieve your goals.


1. You do not want to change

Some people prefer to do what they have always done, and so get the results they have always had.  If you studied French in a group in your high school, then you will want to do the same when you are an adult.  But ask yourself the question:  How well can I speak French after having learned it for five years in school?  If the answer is very little or not at all, you need to learn a language in a different way.  



Despite all these warnings, if you are still committed to learning a language with a private teacher, please contact us on 020 3566 0145, via e-mail or through the form on this webpage.  








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