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London Language Training:  Body Language

Scientists conducted research on how frequently companions from different countries touch each other.  The researchers sat in coffee shops in England, Spain and the United States.  In Spain, there were around 200 different types of bodily contact, in the United States there were about forty and in the United Kingdom, a sad zero.  The British are typically seen as shy and reserved (when we are not drunk), so this statistic might not seem that surprisng.  Personally, I find it a little sad.


Another statistic tells us that body language accounts for about 80% of first impressions, so we know that it is a vital part of communication.  In this post, we will look at some ways of improving your body language and also look at some examples of good and bad body language.















If a picture paints a thousand words, then a Youtube video is a whole novel.  This video tells us to stand up straight, to appear confident (even if you are nervous) and there is also a verbal trick there:  deepen your voice.  This is a perfect example of positive and confident body language.

Research from Harvard Business School states that holding your body in "power positions" like Superman (standing tall with shoulders back, widening your body) raises your confidence and lowers your stress levels.  Just remember to keep your underpants inside your trousers!



Gesticulation is used a lot by Mediterranean people.  It is the use of the hands to convey meaning and if you observe a lot of politicians then you will see that they have been trained to do this.  One common gesture is to

put both hands together to form a triangle, which shows that you are deep in thought.  Other gestures that can show dominance is to shake hands with somebody by using both of your hands.  It is a little odd at first, but Bill Clinton is a master at it and it makes you memorable!



We often train business executives who appear reluctant to smile for fear that it makes them seem weak.  While it is not necessary to grin like a cheshire cat all the time, there is no need to appear as if you have just heard some really bad news either.  


Smiling at appropriate times can help you.  It can defuse stressful situations, it can seal deals and it can even get you a date.  



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