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Language Courses in London
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Language School or Unique Language Training?  

Customised language training                          

Our language lessons are geared specifically to your needs and skill level.  Our trainers know how to challenge you and how to get the best out of you.


Anytime, Anywhere

Need a Russian class at 3am on Tuesday morning on top of The Shard?  We'll go that extra mile to ensure you get it.  Weather permitting of course.  Seriously, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  What other language school in London can say that?


Small class sizes

Usually, it is one trainer to one learner but we can also organise small group classes for friends and colleagues as well.


Faster learning

With more attention from your instructor, you'll learn much faster.  


Regular Progress Checks and Feedback

You need to know how you are developing.  We will give you regular feedback on your progress with the language.


Quality Commitment

We don't join organisations purely for marketing that claim to check the quality of schools.  Our quality checks are done in-house and are rigorous and exacting.


No extra fees

We don't add extra fees when we feel like it.  The course fee is the course fee.  





McDonalds style language learning

You sit in a class with 15 other people, hopefully of roughly the same level as you.  You talk mostly to other non-native speakers.


Set time, set place

Turn up at set times in a stuffy old classroom that seemed ahead of its time in the seventies.  Not open at weekends, definitely not open at 3am.



Big class sizes

15-20 people are the norm in old language schools.  They are likely to be of different levels too.




It is no secret that language school instructors are poorly paid, in some cases minimum wage.



A language school trainer is only human.  How can they decide on the language levels of so many students?



Anybody, Anytime

Language schools are businesses.  Often, you will find students there who don't want to learn and are only there because their parents told them to come.  It doesn't help if you have one student in a class who hates being there.


Extra fees

What is an admin fee?  What is a fee for finding accommodation?  STOP THE EXTRA FEES!!!!!


With talented and amazing language teachers, a flexible learning style and courses tailored to your skills and needs at competitive prices, you would think that learning a language with us is a simple choice.  Yet still some students go to old style language schools or language training companies that don't possess the same great approach as us.  These two lists will hopefully help you to change your mind (if it hasn't been changed already).

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