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How do I stay motivated when learning a foreign language?

Staying motivated when you embark on any journey is a vital part of staying the course; particularly when attempting to learn a new language.  It is too easy to stop attending class due to the odd setback or a feeling that you are not progressing.  In this blog post, Unique asked some of our trainers to tell us what they tell our students to keep them motivated.


1. You should set small goals

Of course, you should aim for absolute fluency in your chosen language, or to pronounce as well as a native speaker, but you are likely to lose motivation if general goals are all you are aiming for.  We suggest that you also set yourself small objectives along the path to proficient speaking.  One Business Spanish student of ours aimed at first to be able to converse with waiters at Spanish restaurants in London in Spanish.  It also served as a treat for working hard to speak Spanish.


2. Take a test

Students will come to us with the objective of learning Japanese or Italian or whichever language they choose, but they will have no real reason for doing so.  A test is another great objective to have, not least because it focuses your mind as well as reminding you why you are learning this language in the first place.


3. Take a one-to-one course

Our teachers love teaching private language classes for a myriad of reasons.  Firstly, it allows them to see the student's progress in real time.  There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing that look on a student's face when they have successfully used the target language.  Second, there are so few distractions in a one to one class.  Thirdly, if you are in a group class you can hide and the class always has to slow down for the lowest level student.  Finally, you can avoid going to a group class whereas in a one to one class your teacher will know if you haven't turned up.


4. Reward Yourself

This is something that we touched on briefly in point one and it applies to any area of your life.  As you reach your goals, reward yourself in some way for a job well done.  Have you booked a lesson?  Reward yourself.  Did you put in 100% effort in that last class?  Reward yourself.  


If you follow these rules, you should get some extra motivation.  If you can think of any more, let us know by e-mail: [email protected].  Please telephone 020 3566 0145 or fill in the form to learn a language with Unique Languages.  











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