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Language Courses in London
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London Language Training Solutions:

The best language school in London?

Let us cast our traditional British reserve and modesty aside and talk about why we believe that we are the best provider of language training courses in the United Kingdom and Europe.  The feedback that we receive from students, HR managers and tutors is always positive, so we are clearly doing something right.  We are proud that so many corporate clients; including prestigious law firms, multinational companies such as BNP Paribas and Reed Business Services, as well as highly motivated individual learners use Unique Languages to achieve their training goals.  


Our clients return to us time and again because we deliver on time and on budget.  We help you to reach your goals and then we offer more.  


The best language teachers

We feel that have the best teachers of foreign languages and English as a Second Language in the world.  Our tutors undertake a rigorous recruitment process, are great communicators, wonderful people and excellent at teaching languages.  A fluent command of the language that they are teaching is essential, along with a proven aptitude for teaching.


Fast Results

You can see the results of your language training course quickly as you learn with our top language trainers.  Courses are fun, positive and relevant to your needs.  Our unique way of teaching is so different from the old language classes that you would experience in school.


Personalised Language Courses

Our courses are personalised to the needs of each individual language student.  Classes tend to be one-to-one, two-to-one, or in small groups.  This enables your personal language tutor to identify your needs quickly and work with you to help you master the language.  


Quality Control

We are serious about maintaining the quality of our language training courses as we stand and fall on our reputation for providing the best language education.  We closely monitor the standard of our courses to ensure that the quality remains high and that our tutors adhere to our rigorous rules on quality.



We are open 24/7 to serve the needs of our students and we can teach you anywhere you wish.  If you are relocating, we will be able to arrange a seamless course transition to a new language tutor wherever you are in the world.  We can also teach you on-line with the same tutor should you prefer.



That is what makes Unique Unique.  The best language teachers on the planet, the most relevant and personalised language training courses you can find, lessons on-line or in the real world - anywhere in the world and at any time.  Nobody works harder or with more focus on your language learning goals than us.  And we have not yet mentioned the price - we are the most affordable language training provider around because we do not spend lots of cash on marketing or big headquarters.  


For more information on the various language training courses we have available to individual language learners, to big corporations or to small businesses, take a look around our website.  You can also e-mail us, fill in the form on this screen, or telephone us on 020 3566 0145.  













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