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Learn a second language:  The Robot Teacher

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

We used to have a great Japanese student here at Unique who was studying at Kingston University.  His work at Kingston involved him designing a robot to help elderly people.  We would practise presentations with him and he would show us film of the robot and how it worked.


All of this was pretty unbelievable to the staff here.  We know from films that by now robots should be in complete control of the planet, but it hasn't really worked like that.  The films our student showed us made us think again, and now we have something else to be amazed by.



Meet the beautiful Geminoid F, a robot designed in 2010 that recently taught Japanese to a group of Vietnamese people.  She/It can make 12 different facial expressions (which is far more than some EFL tutors can on Oxford Street!) thanks to air pressure.  The robot can be controlled by somebody anywhere in the world, although in this case it was by a Japanese teacher in the next room.  


The class was organised by the Japanese Foundation Centre in Vietnam, which seeks to spread Japanese across the South East Asian nation.  


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Do you think that she is the future of language teaching or do you still prefer a human?  Let us know.

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