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Language Courses in London
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Language Training Courses for Hotel Associates

"I asked for the time and the waiter brought me a copy of The Times"

Found on a blog about Brown's Hotel in Mayfair, London


Our bespoke language training courses for the hotel industry are tailored specifically to the needs of the hotel in question.  Using lessons created specificially for the hotel associates and with the finest and most committed language trainers, you can be confident of a professional solution to your language training needs.  


Goals of the course

Through an intensive and tailor-made language training programme in English or any other language, your staff will gain more confidence and fluency in their second language, and will be able to demonstrate an even greater level of customer care. Associates will acquire the vocabulary, phrases, expressions and specific knowledge and techniques that are relevant to delivering the best service within your hotel.  Each lesson will focus on general language skills, hospitality, department-specific vocabulary, customer-service, sales techniques and general hotel etiquette.


Pre-course Planning

Unique's staff will undertake extensive research within the hotel, collecting specific information about the environment and how it operates.  We will use hotel menus, the website, the wine list, brochures and staff interviews to understand the hotel and design a course specifically for the company.  The hotel will have a dedicated client relationship manager specifically charged with looking after the hotel's needs as well as ensuring the course meets expectations.


A truly tailor-made Language Course

The main goal of the course is to ensure that every learner who experiences it will learn the language which is relevant to the hotel profession and will enhance their own general language skills and confidence.  This can be done in several different ways:  exercises, course books, films and role plays are all an essential part of our learning programmes.  Role plays may be filmed in order that we may analyse those areas which the associate needs to work on.  


Course Length

The course is usually for a minimum of around 12 hours in 1.5 or 2 hour sessions.  



At the conclusion of the course, and at intermittent periods if requested, we will complete a course assessment of each individual learner.  



If you would like additional information on our Business Language Courses or our Language Courses for Hotel Associates, please e-mail us, fill in the form on this page or telephone 020 3566 0145.  


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