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Unique School of Languages:  Is it time I learned a foreign language?

The recent State of the Nation report from the British Academy provided sober reading for top language training institutions such as Unique Languages.  The report was commissioned to look at how well British people know a second language and the statistics were troubling.  


Can you learn 1000 words in a foreign language?

This information has inspired the 1000 Words campaign, a scheme backed by Unique Language Training to encourage participants to learn 1000 words of a new language.  Why 1000 words, you ask?  It is felt that 1000 words is the number that allows you to be able to understand 72% of written material in another language, and therefore gets you well on the way to holding a conversation.  


Why should I learn a second language?

With English as the lingua franca in most areas of life, is there any real need to study a second language?  Of course, we would say yes but there are really so many positives to understanding a second language - communicating in a new language will give you better prospects in your career, open you up to new cultural advantages and studies have shown that there are benefits to your overall mental health as well.


Unique is right behind the campaign and encourages you to take the 1000 Words challenge.  If you look at our Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter feeds, there will frequently be advice on language learning as well as on this website.  



Would you like to learn a new language with Unique Language Training?  Please contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling in the form on this page.  




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