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Learning Hungarian

Five facts about the Hungarian Language

Hungarian is a wonderful language to learn, and we asked our Hungarian teachers to come up with some incredible facts about the language that they love teaching.  In no particular order, here are five facts about Magyar:



In western languages, there are typically seven vowels or fewer.  However, Hungarian contains 14 vowels

(a, á, e, é, i, í, o, ó, ö, ó, u, ú, ü.  This is 13 of the vowels.  Our keyboard will not type the 14th though as it is not recognisable to an English language keyboard!



The most melodious and beautiful language is undoubtedly Italian.  Many scholars have remarked on the beauty of Hungarian though.  Giuseppe Mezzofanti, the famous Italian linguist said:

"Do you know which language is equal to Latin and Greek in its structure and rhythmic harmony? It is the Hungarian language.  It seem as if the Hungarians themselves do not realize what a treasure is hidden in their language.”



The earliest foundations of the Hungarian language were found in Nova Scotia in Canada.  The Runic Stone contains a Hungarian phrase and is believed to have been carved in the year 1000 or so.  This also proves that a Hungarian was in the Americas far before Columbus.  



Linguists look at the origins of languages and put great bearing on the history of the world's languages.  Hungarian is believed to be the language which has kept most of her history and entomology, with 68% of the language deriving from the original language.  English, a mongrel language of Latin, French, old Norse and countless other languages has only 4%!



The British Library holds one of the most valuable books in the western world.  The book was published in 1533 and contains the opening sentence:  "“Az Ephesom helyeknek yrth Zent Pál levelének elsew capitoliuma”



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