Korean Courses in London | Learn Korean in private lessons at your home or office

Spoken by over 80 million people, learning Korean is essential for travel or business in North or South Korea

Private Korean Lessons in London

Learn Korean with Unique Language Training in London or online with our expert language teachers. If you are looking to immerse yourself in Korean culture or are travelling to North or South Korea, a little understanding of the language can go a long way to gaining the confidence of your hosts.

Intensive Korean Courses and Private Korean lessons at our London school are led by our highly experienced and fully qualified teachers, allowing you to learn the language in a way that is practical, effective and fun. Our Korean language teachers will assess your level of Korean at the start of your course, tailoring each lesson to your needs and interests. Whether you are learning Korean for academic, business or holiday reasons, our great teachers will use relevant course materials to deliver an effective training programme.

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Learn Korean in London