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The London School of Italian:  Why should I learn Italian?

Italian is renowned as being a beautiful language, and if you ask a British person which language they would like to learn they would probably name Italian as their first choice.  Unique Language Training has a great mix of Italian language tutors who can help you to learn, but how else can we persuade you?


1. So many sights to see

If you have seen any of the many recent television programmes about Italy, you will know that it is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.  Italy has more historical sights than any other nation and 60% of the world's art treasures. Rome is a museum that you walk around and there is no better way to communicate when you are in a foreign country than in the language of that nation.


2. So many films to watch

Italian films have the capacity to move, entertain and delight.  You can choose to watch them with subtitles, but would you be able to understand the real meaning?  Learn Italian and understand the hidden nuances behind La Dolce Vita and La Vita e Bella.  


3. So much food and drink to enjoy

You are stood in the queue at Costa Coffee and the gent in front of you orders a cappuccino in the most delightful Italian accent you have ever heard.  You feel momentarily stunned and end up having to order a cup of tea because of your embarrassment.  This does not need to ever happan again if you study Italian.


4. So much money you can save

The moment I stepped off the plane at Rome's airport, I paid far too much for the bus into the Eternal City.  Italy is a great nation, but when gullible tourists arrive they are liable to get fleeced for lots of cash.  By speaking some Italian, you will endear yourself to the locals and save many Euros.


5. Your English will improve

It has been estimated that 60% of English vocabulary emanates from Latin, and as Italian is the closest modern language to Latin, you will be improving your English ability too.  Two languages for the price of one!


6. You can do business with the Italians

Thousands of British businesses work with Italians and many organisations have a presence in Italy already.  Your ability to communicate effectively in Italian could make the vital difference to clinching a business deal or getting promoted.


7. You can improve your body language

Italian is a wonderfully emotive language.  By studying Italian, you will also develop a knowledge of famous Italian hand gestures and broaden your vocabulary to include a range of expletives that would shock your grandmother (if she could understand Italian!).



We run Italian language courses for businesses and motivated individual students, as well as groups of friends.  To learn Italian with Unique Language Training, telephone 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this page.  









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