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Language Courses in London
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Language Tutors in London

When you choose to invest your time and money into a language course, you need to know that your language trainer will have the knowledge, charisma and abilty to inspire that you need during your long journey.  You will need a leader who will guide you to success and who will provide support when you are losing faith.


Unique's team of language tutors are the best that you can find.  We spend considerable time and energy in recruiting the finest language teachers to join us.  We hear too many stories of bad language teachers and we do not want our company to be associated with them.  Our reputation in language education is strong and we intend to keep it that way.  



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Korean Teacher


May has been teaching Korean at Unique since 2012.  She is a trained accountant and lives in New Malden, the Koreatown of the UK.


korean teacher london english teacher london


Business English


Gareth teaches Business English and is based in Kent.  He is an astronomer by trade.  

spanish teacher in london


Spanish Teacher


Rebeca is an actress and Spanish teacher.  She has a positive outlook on everything.

ielts teacher london




Chris occasionally teaches IELTS preparation courses here at Unique School of English.

Those are just a few of our gifted and skilled language instructors.  When you choose Unique for your language course, we will provide you with a profile of your language tutor so that you are fully aware of their capabilities before the course even begins.  


In many cases, our tutors hold several qualifications in language training.  These might include:-


In the case of Foreign Language teachers, they will be bilingual at the very least.  While it is usual for us to use native speakers, we do occasionally use skilled linguists who are multilingual.  


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