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Language Courses in London
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London Language Tutors:  How can I find a great tutor?

Unique Language Tutors has built a solid reputation for using only the best language teachers available in London.  Our rigorous recruitment process is challenging and only a select few are allowed to work with us.  So, what do we look for in a language trainer?  We have compiled a list of facets that are essential in this exacting work:



We like people who are motivated and look forward to helping people to meet their language learning goals.  People who wake up on Monday morning and look forward to their day and ask "How am I going to help this person today?"  



We have all sat in boring group language classes where one has to repeat "Do you like cats?"  "I like cats."  This is tedious and old fashioned language teaching that should be eradicated.  We like language tutors who can teach creatively and uniquely, which means lots of stimulating exercises and innovative ways of teaching.



We realise that there are some bad language teachers with years of experience and some great language teachers with no experience.  Our recruitment staff are specialists in finding the best of the best in language teaching.  Experience is great, but you need to always be moving forward, whether you are a teacher or a student.


Native speakers

We like native speakers who are able to teach their own language, but if we find a non-native speaker who is a superb language teacher then of course we will use their talent and skill.  We also like trainers who speak other languages too.



Your hinterland is your knowledge outside of your specialist area.  To communicate, you need knowledge in a wide range of subjects.  We look for language tutors who are able to speak fluently in a range of subjects.  Our Business Spanish tutors, for example, will have a knowledge of the world of business and finance that has been gained from years of experience in the field.




If you need a great language teacher, Unique Languages can help.  Contact us on 020 3566 0145, fill in the form on this screen or e-mail us at [email protected].  



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