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Language Courses in London
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Mandarin Language Courses

Private Mandarin Chinese Tuition - Business Mandarin Courses

Learn Mandarin Chinese in the company of the UK's best provider of personalised language training courses.  With our excellent team of native speaker Chinese tutors, you can be confident that your course will be focused and effective.  


Why learn Mandarin?

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, and it is becoming a vital language to know because of China's economic power and as Chinese nationals travel further afield.  At the moment, one million Chinese travel abroad.  Within 12 years, that number will be 200 million.  


As with all nationalities, the Chinese consider it a great mark of respect if a westerner can speak even some Mandarin.  It will also give you a huge advantage when trying to break into the Chinese market.  


Chinese culture is fascinating, and your personalised course will give you greater insight into the history and culture of this great nation.  


How easy is it to learn Mandarin?

Written Chinese is difficult because of the sheer number of characters available (tens of thousands), but spoken Mandarin is surprisingly easy to pick up.  You just need to be motivated and have a great teacher.


Simplified Chinese is spoken in mainland China, and it differs from English in a variety of ways that can make it quite easy to learn:  There are no plurals or conjugations for example, and the numbering system is very simple.


One-to-One Private Mandarin Language Lessons in London

Having a private tutor in Chinese  will enable you to learn the language quickly, effectively and economically.  Whether you are preparing for your GCSE Mandarin exam, or planning to travel to China on business or simply for pleasure, we can help.  


On day one, you will be able to discuss your goals for the course and a plan will be mapped out.  The joy of One-to-One lessons remains that they are flexible so if you have any requests or changes that you wish to be made, we can do it.


Intensive Mandarin Language Training Course in London

An intensive language course is perfect for learners who need to devote a short amount of time to learning a lot of a language.  Our tutors will be with you to educate, inform and entertain you as you immerse yourself in Mandarin.  



Learn Mandarin Chinese with Unique Languages by telephoning 020 3566 0145, filling in the form on this screen or e-mailing us.  


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