Medical English Intensive Courses in London

Whether you are a doctor, nurse or a medical professional Unique's Medical English course allows you to learn in London for one week with a training programme that mixes world-class academic study with the best teachers as well as bonuses such as networking events, additional online lessons, free course materials and visits to medical London. Find out more by reading below or contact us immediately.

Intensive Medical English Courses

London Language Training and Unique Language Training present Medical English language courses designed for doctors, dentists, nurses and medical students who want confidence and fluency in Medical English.

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Medical English Intensive Courses in London

Are you a healthcare professional or university student who wants to improve your Medical English language skills with the best qualified expert teachers? This course follows our intensive timetable of 20 classes over five days or 40 classes over ten days. You can also take a Weekend Medical English Course or an Online Medical English Course with Unique's world-class language teachers if you wish.

If you are in the medical profession, you will know how important it is to be detailed and clear in your communication with patients and colleagues. There will be times when you need to show tact and sensitivity and there will be times when you need to be direct. During your Medical English course, you will develop these English language skills in a variety of contexts. This will help you increase your confidence when communicating with patients and their families as well as with colleagues.

Upon successful conclusion of the course, you will have:

  • Studied the language of Medical English in detail
  • Learned to speak confidently with patients and colleagues
  • Increased your awareness of specialised medical terminology
  • Analysed real-life situations in a medical context
  • Learned how to deal with challenging situations
  • Taken a bonus tour of 'Medical London
  • Had tutorials with your teacher to discuss your progress and future plans

We run courses throughout the year and the entire focus is on Medical English.

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Questions & Answers

Who can take your Medical English Courses?

Our Medical English courses are for students of English who are working in the Medical profession or training to work in medicine and who would like to extend their Medical education by studying English for Medical Purposes. These could be doctors, nurses, Medical students or healthcare professionals from non-English speaking countries who would like to work either in the UK or another English speaking Medical environment.

What is the background of Unique's Medical English teachers?

Our Medical English teachers are being well-trained and highly qualified English language teachers with a deep knowledge and interest in medicine. Their experience in teaching Medical English to hundreds of doctors, dentists and nurses allows them to coach students medical vocabulary, how to present research, write medical reports and discuss medical situations. Our specially created role play scenarios allow us to simulate real-life situations as well as patient-doctor or patient-nurse conversations and our teachers will provide constructive feedback on your English, showing the best way to express yourself in each situation.

What is the English level required to attend a Medical English course?

Students should have at least an Intermediate level (CEFR B1/B2) to enrol for a Medical English course with London Language Training. You should have a good knowledge of General English with reasonable grammar and communicative skills to be able to follow and participate in the course. If you are unsure of your English level,  you can check by taking a short placement test with us. 

How are the Medical English courses structured?

Our Medical English courses are separated into subjects. We mainly offer one-to-one classes and promise to undertake a full and completely free needs analysis to learn what your interests and objectives are prior to commencing the course. There is regular self-study which will be guided by your course teacher.

Why should I take this course?

Whether you have direct patient contact in English, are presenting research at an international conference in English, reading articles or hoping to study or work in an English speaking Medical environment, it is vital to feel confident and be able to comprehend and communicate effectively. Our Medical English course focuses on the skills that any medical professional will need in English: speaking, listening, writing and reading at the same time as building accurate grammar and medical vocabulary to be able to communicate with confidence.

What will you achieve with this course?
On completion of our Medical English course, you will be more confident using English in your professional career. You will know what language to use in a variety of medical contexts and will have practised this intensive with your expert teacher. .

How can I enrol?

Contact us at:
Tel: +44 (20) 3573 0182
Student Services: [email protected]