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Unique's Medical English Tutor writes new book on the subject.

The new book by Michael Davies looks at the grammar of Medical English and uses real-world examples.

English for Doctors

Unique Language Training runs more one-to-one courses in Medical English than any other language school. The passion and committment from the doctors and nurses who have taken our courses has inspired Unique's Michael Davies to write a new book on the subject.

A new era in EFL publishing?

There are countless problems with the coursebooks and textbooks that were published to help English as a Foreign Language students to develop their skills. They were old-fashioned, irrelevant, poorly written and incredibly expensive. Just as with the language training industry, Unique decided to take on the giants of the sector with hard work and a better offer to students who had become used to poor service.

Unique Publishing was born - and already several inexpensive books have been published as ebooks and in paperback form. The focus has previously been on Business English and Legal English but now our attention turns to an important part of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) which we have been teaching for several years now - Medical English.

What is in the book?

The book was created to fill a void in Medical English publishing. Before The Medical English Grammar Guide was published, there was no serious book available that would provide medical professionals with a deeper understanding of the language used in hospitals and clinics around the United Kingdom. Books had been written by foreign doctors or were more focused on exercises. This book focuses on the specific language used by professionals on a day-to-day basis and was written by a skilled Medical English language trainer who has taught over 200 courses in the subject to medical professionals around the world.

The Medical English Grammar Guide is now available on Amazon platforms worldwide in ebook and paperback versions.

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