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Does learning a language make you appear sexier?

Multilingual Language Benefits

Despite their well-known reluctance to learn a foreign language, 61% of Britons believe speaking more than one language makes a person seem more attractive.

Of 3,000 English-speakers polled in the US and the UK, nine out of 10 admitted they would learn a new language to impress or keep a romantic partner.

About half said they'd dreamed about a romance with someone from another country.

In the same survey, 25% of the people asked thought that being monolingual has prevented them from moving up the career ladder, which is maybe why one in eight confessed to having exaggerated their language skills on their CV.

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Why is learning a foreign language so important?

"Languages enable learners to understand other cultures and peoples as well as enhancing any CV. It is surprising that 60% of people in the UK consider themselves monolingual when the world needs more linguists" said Jo Hayridge, a language teacher at Unique Language Training.

If you contrast that shocking statistic with Germany, it is almost embarassing because only 22% of Germans are unable to speak any other languages bar their mother tongue. The UK is not as bad as Ireland though, where 73% of the population claim to only speak English.

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Which accent is the sexiest accent?

It will probably not surprise you to learn that French is considered both the sexiest language by repondents to the survey with 40% of Americans and 32% of Brits agreeing. 40% of British people also considered English spoken in a French accent to be the sexiest way to hear the language spoken.

The Details

How does learning a language improve your love life?

  • 71% of Americans and 64% of Britons believe speaking more than one language makes a person seem more attractive.
  • Nine out of ten Americans, and the same number of Britons, confess they would learn a language to pursue a romance.

What do the British believe about learning a second language?

  • One in eight Britons (13%) admit to having exaggerated their language skills on a CV to impress a future boss.
  • Nearly a quarter of Britons (23%) feel that a lack of language skills has held them back in their career.
  • Russian is the second-language that most Britons perceive as making someone seem intelligent (32%), followed by French (21%), and German (17%).
  • Nearly half of Brits (45%) view Russian as the most difficult language to learn.
  • Just over a third (36%) feel that French is the easiest to learn, followed by Spanish (28%).