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Language Courses in London
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One-to-One Business English Training Courses in London

With one-to-one English for Business tuition, you are in the driving seat.  Whether you wish to focus on delivering the perfect presentation or elevator pitch, or if you wish to develop your English grammar skills, you will be supported by one of our world-class Business English trainers.  


With a network of dynamic, knowledgeable, pro-active group of Business English instructors who understand business and who are able to convey their knowledge in a way that you will be able to understand, you can be confident that your understanding of Business English will develop coherently and fluidly with Unique Languages.


One to One Business English Lessons

When studying any language,, you need to spend time with a skilled native speaker teacher.  In group classes, you will be speaking with non-native speakers a lot of the time and you will just be picking up their errors.  When it comes to an area of English as nuanced and specialist as Business English, you need the level of focus and intensity that only personal language tuition can offer.  This is where Unique Language Training excels.  


What is Business English?

Business English is the language of commerce and business.  Your personal tutor will introduce you to expressions, idioms and various business english conversation topics that carry greater weight in the business world.  You will also engage in strenuous presentation and meetings practice to give you full confidence when talking with colleagues, clients, bosses and suppliers.  


Our Offer To You

We offer our students the best options for learning any language.  We have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world over the last ten years ; including Toyota, Kenwood, BNP Paribas and British American Tobacco.  During this time we have built a reputation for providing solid and effective language teaching.  We have worked with motivated students of all nations and of all levels and have taught them many languages and we know how to help you to achieve your goals in Business English.  


How will a lesson progress?

Each lesson and each course is different.  We have to accept that nobody learns in exactly the same way.  Typically, a course would include in-house materials, course book materials and articles from various newspapers and magazines.  There might be a focus on business networking or there might be a focus on grammar.  


Professional Business English Teachers

JK has worked with Unique Languages since 2010 and in that time has developed a great reputation for delivering effective Business English classes to a range of students from all different backgrounds.  With her highly developed sense of humour and an obvious passion for teaching, she is a great asset to Unique Languages.


Would you like to learn Business English?  Please contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this screen.  








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