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Language Courses in London
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One-to-One English Language Lessons

The real reasons why you should take them

Sitting in a smelly old room with ten language students of vastly different levels of English might be a really cheap way to hear some natural English, but the chances of actually picking up any real English is minimal.  Unique Language Training has been offering lessons in One-to-One English since 2000, and we are the specialists in these type of courses.  Quite simply, nobody does what we do as well as we do,  Let's take a look at five reasons why you should learn English as private tuition:-


1.  Tailor-made course

We sat in on a class in a School of English last week and each student must have spoken about four times during the whole lesson.  Attendees might learn something during the listening part but group lessons remain awfully abstract. A one-to-one language course shows immediate benefits as each minute is focused on you.  In a language school, you might get four minutes of your language teacher's time AT MOST, with Unique it is all the time.  That is incredible.  


2. Great experience for teacher and student

One teacher tells us of the bad old days of working in a School of English where the students would turn up late and where they wouldn't even stay for the whole class.  It was an awful experience that took our psychologists hours to make him forget.  Working with Unique, he knows his students well and knows their level, their skillset and what their goals are.  He helps them to achieve great things with English, and it is a great feeling and it helps the student significantly.  


3. Your time, your place, your rhythm

One student of ours asked for her lessons to be in her car driving back home from her office, whilst another wanted to meet on Saturday nights at 7pm in their home.  One-to-One language classes allow for a flexibility that a language school will not allow.  You don't have to worry about public transport either as your EFL tutor comes to you.


4. Exceptional language training

It has often be said that it is easier to work at The Pentagon than to work for Unique Languages.  We have exacting standards for all our language teachers.  They are interviewed thoroughly, vetted and their teaching skills checked regularly.  We know we have the best language teachers and we are proud of this.


5. Superb support

Any language training organisation can only ever be as good as the staff working within it and Unique has some of the best around.  If you need to find accommodation in London or if you need an entirely bespoke course that has never been done before, you will find that our staff will put every effort into making your wish become a reality.  


If you are interested in Private English as a Second Language Tuition, please contact us on 020 3566 0145, by e-mail or by filling out the form on this page.  


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