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Online IELTS Preparation Classes for Doctors

This IELTS Preparation Course is designed for doctors looking to achieve a strong IELTS score to enable them to work in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Studying for IELTS on a doctor's schedule can be complicated, which is why we have created a flexible course that can be taken online at times and dates that are convenient for you.

* Ten one-hour IELTS sessions with experienced IELTS teachers and examiners.

* Time for self-study and homework in IELTS with regular teacher feedback.

* IELTS exam practice with teacher feedback

Your personal IELTS trainer will guide you with exercises, commentary, tips and techniques to succeed in IELTS.

Our Work with Doctors

London Language Training works with doctors and nurses working around the National Health Service and for health organisations around the world to deliver world-class language training. For futher information, fill out the form on the screen.

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Online IELTS Courses for Doctors
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