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Language Courses in London
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One-to-One Polish Language Courses in London

Private Polish Tuition - Business Polish Training Courses

Learn Polish with the best provider of bespoke language training courses in London and throughout the United Kingdom.  With the number of Poles in the UK estimated to be close to one million, the need to understand Polish is becoming more popular among British people who have Polish-speaking colleagues, friends and partners.  


With a course in Polish, you will be able to communicate in this language and develop a better understanding of the second most spoken language in the United Kingdom.  


Polish Language Training Programme

You are able to choose between private Polish tuition or a small group course with friends or colleagues.  Talk with us about the areas that you wish to focus on, but lessons for beginners can cover:-


  • introducing yourself and other people

  • greeting people and saying good-byes

  • asking and receiving telephone numbers and addresses

  • talking about yourself - your nationality, age, language, profession, etc.

  • talking about hobbies and interests and your free time

  • learn more about Polish culture


Why learn Polish?

Polish is a Slavic language that is most widely spoken in the stunning country of Poland. by over 40 million native speakers.  The Polish economy is one of the most successful of the former Communist nations and a knowledge of Polish will stand any business person in good stead should they wish to do business there.


It is not an easy language to learn, but there are some aspects that make it less difficult than one might imagine.  The pronunciation of consonants is similar to that of English and the stress of each word is always on the penultimate syllable.  Many linguists consider it to be a beautiful language because of its' literary and artistic traditions.  Other benefits to Polish are that there is no word order to speak of and no articles, which are extremely difficult for English learners to get right!


Useful Polish Phrases

To Your Health! / Cheers!             Na Zdrowie!

How are you?                                   Jak si masz? / Co sycha?

Hi / Bye                                             Czesc

I don't speak Polish                         Nie mówi po polsku

Do you speak English?                   Czy mówisz po angielsku?

I am English (male)                          Jestem Anglikiem

I am English (female)                      Jestem Angielk


Unique Language Training Solutions runs one-to-one and corporate language classes across London and the United Kingdom.  For further information, call 020 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill out the form on this screen.  
















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